Budget Travel Tips to Krabi

April 26, 2018

As much as we all love to travel, we also like to save as much money as we could while on the go. Be it on shopping, dining or even excursions, saving cash in a holiday is much a challenging thing to do. Especially in mythailandtours.com that you come in a more affluent country like the West, cause you tend to think what’s cheap even when it isn’t considered so in a local context.

Krabi, Thailand, is a hot tourist destination due to its cheap meals, lodging and available tours. Apart from Krabi, there are also a number of popular holiday destinations in Thailand for example Phuket, Phi Phi, Surat Thani, Lanta, Pang Nga and Trang. These few areas are constantly packed with travelers from throughout the world. So how can you save your cash and get the best from your vacation in Thailand?

Eat the Neighborhood Way
A fancy restaurant does not necessarily guarantee the quality of meals. Head over to where the locals eat. Following the rule of thumb, even if there is a crowd in a specific food house, then the meals there should be useful. After all, the locals know best.

Bargain, Bargain Bargain!
The natives can see a foreigner easily especially if you aren’t of Asian descent. It’s also very common for them to try their luck and jack up their sales price when they see a potential tourist-customer. So don’t be fooled and set your mediation skills to test. Never settle for the first price they offer you - always attempt to lose or pretend to walk away if they deny because it’s quite likely they’ll call for you with a price that’s way lower than the first one. But of course, you also must be reasonable in the price you quote.

Go During Off-Season
If you see Thailand between Jan and May or July to Nov, chances are you can get a complimentary upgrade to bigger rooms without having to top up. Sometimes, hotel rooms will also be cheaper than stated.

Walk Or Rent a Bike
Forget taxis! If the place is close, then simply walk instead of flagging a cab. The streets of Krabi and Phuket are always full of stores so that it isn’t a truly lonely and dull walk. Renting a bicycle is quite common in Thailand and cheap too. If they do not, then just walk out and you’ll definitely see a minumum of one motorbike rental shop out there.